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What is Tour de Cure

Tour De Cure Australia raise much needed funds to cure cancer. In support of this amazing charity, Adaptable Catering will donate 5% of profits to Tour de Cure and work in partnership with their fundraisers to best support them with their fund raising efforts.

Why do we support Tour de Cure?

As a company you have an ability to make an impact and for us that impact needs to be personal and for the right reason.

Tour de Cure has been raising money for cancer research since 2007 and over this time has grown and exceeded expectations. The people who participate in Tour de Cure are from all walks of life with one vision.

To find a cure for cancer.

You would be hard pressed to find someone that has not been close to someone or lost someone to cancer. These amazing men and women ride for the cure and do the hard yards. Even if they have a tough day on the bike the outlook is “this is nothing like the pain that cancer patients and their families got through”.

In my life time I have lost some very important people to cancer from my step father, (who taught me how to take on the world) when I was 12 to my mother who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2017.

The major differences between both of my experiences is the knowledge behind cancer and treatment. When my step father (Ron) was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer, the discussion was very clear. He was going to die. It was only a choice of if he should have Chemotherapy and die. Or to try natural diet and die. Only difference was how long and how much pain.

We made the choice of natural approach as the suggestions from the doctor was that Chemo would be extremely painful and he would not be able to live a normal life.

We went to a Wellness Centre in Fortitude valley and were introduced to a man named Ian Gawler. He was a cancer survivor and was using meditation and strict diet to keep cancer at bay. We had hope that my step father would be around longer. It was tough to keep to that diet and as an 11 year old i was convinced that this was the way to go and I ate the same things as him to support him. It was a terrifying ordeal all up, and I remember getting really angry at him because he had a vise that he had to do. Ron’s vise was Weis bars and these were DEFINITELY NOT ON THE LIST. So he would tell me he was walking up to the corner shop for exercise and getting the paper… apparently also A WEIS BAR. I was so angry and I remember telling him that he was stealing precious years from me to spend with him. But after a really long chat about how much pain he was going through and that the Weis Bar was the only reward, I did what any 11 year old would do and helped him walk to get a Weis bar.

The diagnosis was 3 to 6 months. Ron was with us for nearly 2 years. When he passed i was the last to see him alive and I was so annoyed that I had no answers, no understanding about what cancer was and why everyone kept telling me it wasn’t my fault. Well who’s fault was it!!

Around 4 years ago I started cooking for Tour de Cure and boy was I in for a culture shock. these people were pushing themselves to the extreme in the unselfish drive of raising money to find a cure. I was so star stuck by these amazing men and women and everything that they stood for. I even got to see a school presentation where they explain to school children that 1 in 3 cancers as preventable and the BE FIT – BE HEALTHY – BE HAPPY message was delivered to these children. They were like rock stars visiting these schools and I could only selfishly watch and wish that I had this message when I was a child.

In 2017 my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and that it had spread to her internal chest cavity. This hit really hard and I did the only thing I could do. I made a phone call to Tour De Cure and asked for some help. I got put in touch with the researcher that was the expert and designer of the Chemotherapy that my mother was going to have. I got the details of the success rate of the treatment and the insight of what I was to expect during treatment. How far we have come! this research was made possible by the funding and donations of Tour De Cure Australia and here I was witnessing first hand what amazing breakthroughs have been developed.

Sadly the cancer had spread too far and I lost my mother in October 2017. My partner had cared for my mother through the whole process and kept my mother in high spirits. My 2 children were in the same position I was when I was a child. Why did Nanma die and was it their fault.

We got to have a holiday after the last Tour of 2017 in Melbourne and were invited to the Olivia Newton John Foundation to have a tour and meet the researchers that developed the treatment that could have saved my mother. What an honour that was and my children walked out of there with so much knowledge and closure that everything just seemed a little easier to deal with.

The research that has been funded by Tour de Cure Australia has allowed everyone to have a better understanding of cancer and treatment. And so many lives have been saved in the process. To see the $10000 cheques handed to local community groups on every ride to assist with organisations like Camp Quality and may others.

It is our pleasure to support this amazing charity and continue to see the day when there is no more cancer.

"Over 4 years ago I started cooking for Tour de Cure and boy was I in for a culture shock. These people were pushing themselves to the extreme in the unselfish drive of raising money to find a cure. I was so star struck by these amazing men and women and everything that they stood for."
Greg Belcher Owner Adaptable Catering
Greg Belcher
Owner / Head Chef